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The Great Singapore Replay
Live in Concert

10 reimagined Singapore Classic Hits, 10 pairs of emerging and established artists, 10 weeks in the making
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  • Trailer: The Great Singapore Replay is Underway
    This is music history, in the making. The Great Singapore Replay brings together 10 local emerging artists and 10 established artists for the first time ever to reimagine 10 Singapore Classic Hits.
  • Episode 1: The Big Reveal!
    The Great Singapore Replay musicians find out which of the top voted Singapore Classic Hits they will be remaking... and their reactions are GOLDEN!
  • Episode 2: Classic Hits Revisited
    It's time to give your ears a little tease! Watch the five teams dive headfirst into the heart of their songs... and get a sneak peek of their first attempts. You'll be surprised at what they come up with!
  • Episode 3: Exploring The Music
    We find out how our teams are getting along with their attempts to remake their Classic Hits! We've got fresh cuts and rough outlines... Venture into experimental territory and stay tuned for a reimagination like you've never heard before!
  • Episode 4: On The Road
    Follow our artists as they go vinyl hunting and chill out by the beach. To mix things up a little, we even put the “art” in artist to the test! What happens when you give musicians paintbrushes instead of instruments?
  • Episode 5: In The Studio
    In this episode, our artists head into the studio to lay down their tracks! Listen to Shirley Nair and The Silver Strings’ songs take on a melancholic shade, hear ‘Girl from Katong’ transform into a Barbershop tune, and more!
  • Episode 6: Cutting the Tracks
    Get ready for a first glimpse of our artists' hard work as they cut their tracks in the studio. Also, our artists get a surprise visit from one of the original artists – watch on to find out what happens!
  • The Great Singapore Replay is going LIVE!
    10 Singapore classic hits reimagined in 10 weeks. See our artists in action as they take the stage on 9 September at Clarke Quay Central, from 4pm!
  • The Great Singapore Replay Live in Concert
    Our artists took center stage to perform 10 reimagined Singapore classic hits LIVE for the very first time at The Great Singapore Replay final showcase concert.


Congratulations to all of the winners!

Episode Challenge 1 Grand Prize Yong Sun
Second Prize Jesslyn
Third Prize Aden Zhang
Episode Challenge 2 Grand Prize Sia Bing Yi
Second Prize Adeline
Third Prize Tan Yu Zhen
Episode Challenge 3 Grand Prize Eason Sim
Second Prize Jonathan
Third Prize Emily
  • Episode Challenge 1
  • Grand Prize: Yong Sun
  • Second Prize: Jesslyn
  • Third Prize: Aden Zhang
  • Episode Challenge 2
  • Grand Prize: Sia Bing Yi
  • Second Prize: Adeline
  • Third Prize: Tan Yu Zhen
  • Episode Challenge 3
  • Grand Prize: Eason Sim
  • Second Prize: Jonathan
  • Third Prize: Emily
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